My bookkeeping service ensures accuracy of your accounting records. I prepare your accounting records to aid you in improving and growing your business.

This service provided consists of;

  • • Filling and coding purchase invoices, sales invoices and expenses.

  • • Recording sales into Microsoft excel to help monitor and analyze income.

  • • Re-conciliation of current accounts, savings accounts, loan accounts, credit cards, cash books and petty cash.

  • • Making payments to suppliers, service providers and creditors.

  • • Receiving payments from customers and debtors.

  • • Maintaining purchase and sales ledger.

  • • Accounting for accruals, prepayments, depreciation, payroll, stock, work in progress, own consumption and drawings.

  • • Monitoring monthly, quarterly and yearly bookkeeping to calculate gross profit, gross profit ratio, net profit and net profit ratio for your and our use.