Self Assessment

Many people think it’s not necessary to complete a tax return then incur penalties. Whether you’re self employed, a sole trader or in a partnership I will advise you on the requirements by the H M Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

AK Accountancy is constantly keeping up to date with the regularly changing rules and regulations to advise clients with tax affairs. I know that any error or failure of submitting your tax return can lead to an enquiry from HMRC. Should any queries arise, we will deal with all your tax affairs quickly and swiftly.


The services provided are;

  • • Advise on whether or not you need to complete a tax return.

  • • Assisting you with obtaining your unique tax reference number (UTR) in a timely manner.

  • •Informing you in regards to submission deadlines and payment dates.

  • • Advice and consultancy an all aspect of tax affairs.

  • • Completing and submitting tax returns for personal and business income tax, online or paper form.

  • • Providing clients with a complete tax computation, showing calculations for tax payable or repayable.